Daedelus “broken radio bliss” – DUBLAB “FIELD REPORTS” CAMBODIA


Put on some headphones to hear this cut-up. Preferably some headphones attached to a knock-off Walkman with its Sony sticker peeling away in the hot Sun. Daedelus embraced the crackle and fuzz of Cambodian 1960’s rock & pop cassettes to create this buoyant remix. As his slithering synth waves saunter on you can hear scattered magnetic fragments floating from every corner of your headphones. This rhythmic pattern is one of multiple flashes through time. Daedelus ping-pongs between the past in which these Cambodian jams ruled the nation and the present in which the original songs are golden ghosts, audible only to those lucky enough for an encounter. His “broken radio bliss” remix is full of serious wow and flutter. Close your eyes and cruise the busy Cambodian streets with the radio turned up and Daedelus as your guide.

      Daedelus - broken radio bliss

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