D Tiberio – Patterns of Lorena (03.10.18)

Patterns of Lorena focuses on left-leaning movements in dance, ambient, experimental and computer music. Selections are often in the moody realm but there are no set rules. Expect new sounds from artists both local and abroad, upcoming Timetable releases and guest selectors.

      D Tiberio – Patterns of Lorena (03.10.18)


Hodge – All Is Not Lost

Anenon – Pure

Yves Tumor – My Nose, My Lips, Your Head Shape

Regal86 – Ain’t barin’ dat

Equiknoxx – Clink

Saine – Perfume

Terekke – Wav1

bvdud – 05

Keri Not Ever – Blue Strobe Pastiche

Gossamer – Thoughtform

Damon Eliza Palermo – Delacorta

Blood Orange – Christopher & 6th

Kareem Lofty – Swamp

Teebs – Piano Days

Whoarei – To You (higher)

Ahnnu – Sugar In The Dark

Slimburn – meterpreter

mieksneak. – Never

Jan Jelinek – The New Anthem

Floating Points – For Marmish

DVA [Hi:Emotions] – SHUTDOWNCENTRAL [3.0]

Sangam – Endmost

Burial – Endorphin

Clark – Actual Jewels

Saafron – Chiyo

Delroy Edwards – Safe Places, Pt. 2

Fennesz – Before I Leave

Gultskra Artikler – Shipping Details to Track 1

Equiknoxx – Plantain Porridge

Slackk – Reasons

Space Ghost – If Not You

Yves Tumor – Blood & Innocence

D Tiberio – Why Do I Say Hi

Klaus – Gus

Telefon Tel Aviv – Something Akin to Lust

Infinite Body – ++++

Tim Hecker – Live Room Out

Grouper – Call Across Rooms

Dedekind Cut – The Crossing Guard

Marvin Gaye – Mercy Mercy Me (Lead Vox Acapella)