Curved Light – Live at dublab (03.01.17)

Curved Light

The synthesizer explorations of Curved Light — AKA Peter Tran, who usually performs with visual Deirdre Smith — take, like many of their contemporaries, several cues from the classic period of ’80s New Age meditation tapes and classic ambient endeavors a la Brian Eno’s Music for Airports and Steven Halperin’s Spectrum Suite. But Curved Air’s music has more forward momentum and conversational melodicism than a lot of other sound artists working today — in a way, the music has just as much in common with composers like Hans Zimmer and Vangelis, composers whose music represents a kaleidoscope of moods and environments, from the peaceful to the playful to the chaotic.

We welcomed Curved Light to the dublab studio on March 1 while the Austin-based Tran was undertaking a short tour. Take a listen below, and keep an eye out for Curved Air’s Holodeck Records debut, Channelview, hitting tape decks internationally on May 12.

      Curved Light - Live at dublab (03.01.17)