Cuddle Formation – live on dublab (02.03.15)


Cuddle Formation slid into the dublab studio to share some thoughtfully constructed tunes of his own, as well as highly creative music from good friends. Tune in and get cozy with your speakers.

      Cuddle Formation - live on dublab (02.03.15)


• for ppl who write songs instead of dreaming at night
• intrinsic radiance
• my friend george
• this desk could be your life

cuddle formation & emily reo :: dreams of bermuda (yoshi’s story)
r.l. kelly :: everything’s cool
michael lundy :: this is crazy
yohuna :: geese outside ii (demo)
lullatone :: prelude for a single snowflake under a streetlight, falling like a star
little cloud :: certain secrets
chikiss :: i see
milky toad :: vignettes canada’s snowbirds pt.1
kingsley :: lately ft. georgia lill
noyce :: yearn
julie byrne :: melting grid