Cosmic D’Alessandro – Latitudes: Sun Ra Special – Arrival (05.20.13)


Cosmic D’Alessandro (aka Summer Recreation Camp) uses the pulsing pirate signal of his spaceship to share his favorite music gathered from around the universe with all the humanoids who have their receptors open wide. Tune in for this voyage through the outer spheres. Your captain is ready to send deep waves your way!

Sun Ra Special – Arrival
“I’m not a minister, I’m not a philosopher, I’m not a politician, I’m in another category” – Sun Ra

“THE AIM OF MY COMPOSITIONS: All of my compositions are meant to depict happiness combined with beauty in a free manner. Happiness, as well as pleasure and beauty, has many degrees of existence; my aim is to express these degrees in sounds which can be understood by the entire world. All of my music is tested for effect. By effect I mean mental impression. The mental impression I intend to convey is that of being alive, vitally alive. The real aim of this music is to co-ordinate the minds of peoples into an intelligent reach for a better world, and an intelligent approach to the living future. By peoples I mean all of the people of different nations who are living today.” – Sun Ra



– Introduction –

Sun Ra and His Arkestra- Enlightenment – Jazz In Silhouette

Sun Ra – The Shadow World – The Magic City

Sun Ra And The Arkestra – Paradise – Sound Of Joy

1968 Pacifica Radio Interview by Dennis Irving

Sun Ra and his Astro-Infinity Arkestra – Yucatan [Saturn Version] – Atlantis

Sun Ra and his Solar Arkestra – Sound Spectra / Spec Sket – Other Planes Of There

Sun Ra and His Arkestra – Ancient Aiethopia – Jazz In Silhouette

1968 Pacifica Radio Interview by Dennis Irving

Sun Ra And The Arkestra – As You Once Were – Sound Of Joy

Sun Ra and His Myth Science Arkestra – Moon Dance – Cosmic Tones for Mental Therapy

Sun Ra Arkestra – I Dream Too Much – Reflections In Blue

1968 Pacifica Radio Interview by Dennis Irving

Sun Ra and his Myth Science Arkestra – Plutonian Nights – The Nubians Of Plutonia

Sun Ra & His Astro-Infinity Arkestra – Worlds Approaching – Strange Strings

Sun Ra and his Arkestra – New Day – The Futuristic Sounds of Sun Ra

Sun Ra – Abstract ‘I’ – The Magic City

1968 Pacifica Radio Interview by Dennis Irving

Sun Ra & His Mythical Science Arkestra – Kosmos In Blue – Cosmic Tones For Mental Therapy and Art Forms of Dimensions Tomorrow