Coffeee & Cigarettes Band, White Wear – “Radio Collective” live from Malmö Tokyo (09.04.13)


Every Wednesday the team streams live from Malmö Cafe & Bar in Tokyo for “Radio Collective”. If you’re in Tokyo join them in person for the fun, or you can tune-in from anywhere in the world by visiting The broadcast event starts each Wednesday at 8pm Tokyo time / 3am Los Angeles time.

In this session, the volume 4 of ”electric roots” by Coffee & Cigarettes Band got on the air. They introduced wonderful tunes by the great keyboardist George Duke who and passed away a few days before of the radio day. And, White Wear, a solo unit by Yosuke Tsuchida who is one of the chairperson of Cuz Me Pain, came to the studio and played music that he has been affected and sounds that he gives great attention to. Also he picked some tunes from his new album releasing soon.


MIX: DOWNLOAD Radio Collective #30 From Tokyo @cafe_malmo (09.04.13)

Coffeee & Cigarettes Band “electricroots at” #4:

1. George Duke / Reach For It (Epic)
2. George Duke / Someday (MPS)
3. George Duke / FunyFunk (Epic)
4. Ndugu & The Chocolate Jam Co. / Take Some Time (Epic)
5. George Duke / Love (Epic)
6. George Duke / Seeing You (MPS)
7. George Duke / Starting Again (Epic)
8. George Duke / After The Love (MPS)
9. George Duke / Perface (Epic)
10. George Duke / The Future(Epic)
11. Flora Purim / Open Your eyes (Milestone)
12. Stanley Clarke George Duke / Never Judege A Cover By Its Book (Epic)
13. Thundercat / For Love I Come (Brianfeeder)
14. George Duke / Summer Breeze (Epic)
15. George Duke / Faces In Reflection (MPS)

White Wear:

1. Clear city / White Wear (Cuz Me Pain)
2. Byakuroku beat / White Wear (Cuz Me Pain)
3. Night In Blue / White Wear (Cuz Me Pain)
4. La Playa(White Wear Remix) /Linda Mirada (melting bot / Lovemonk)
5. Miles High(White Wear Remix) / Teams (White Lily)
6. G for Good(White Wear Remix) / Hotel Mexico (Second Royal / Cuz Me Pain)
7. She’s Green Eyes / White Wear (Cuz Me Pain)
8. A Black From White Spaces / White Wear (Cuz Me Pain)
9. New Song / White Wear (Cuz Me Pain)
10. I Hate Rainbow / White Wear (Cuz Me Pain)

Coffee&Cigarettes Band