Cat 500 – Aunt Mitzy’s Professional Radio Broadcast Transmission (08.25.17)


Aunt Mitzy (aka Cat 500) occupies an intimate corner of the universe that contains within itself a great vastness. Her “sprout session” is a string of interstellar secrets being whispered in your ear. This space chatter is created when a satellite crosses wires with a synthesizer. Like the tree falling in an empty forest, these sounds are usually silent as dust in a void but thanks to Aunt Mitzy′s diligent energy you can hear the buzz and crackle of the great beyond. Tune-in and she’ll re-transmit it to you in dubby verbatim.

      Aunt Mitzy - Aunt Mitzy's Radio Broadcast (08.25.17)


quartetto di lucca -n quartetto
prologue breathing cosmos – yuji ohno
media music – visit mexico
louis chedid – chanson pour une emmerdeuse
yuji ohno – lifetide
winter animals –
randomer – smokin
bobbi humphrey – the trip
eddie cano – short run
koshi miharu – cafe du carrefour
betty carter – mean to me
julius brockington – fourty nine reasons
koshi miharu – rififi
ventla – din sync romance
lucio battisti – ancora tu
casio toruko onsen – surimacca no uta
oleg kostrow – falling dreams
laurindo almeida – clair de lune samba
parallax scroll – the old stories
rubba – way star
the larks – my reverie
shintaro sakamoto – my memories fade
? – ?
trallalero of genoa
the shirelles – will you love me tomorrow
testpattern – modern living
little dragon – come home soon
u roy – crashie sweep
norman connors – butterfly
michel maura quartet – why is mary so nervous