CALLIE – CUTS 01 (11.18.17)

cuts 01 flyer

CUTS 01 / a melting pot of dark wave electronic, footwork, bounce, hip hop, jazz and textured instrumentals all linked together by a cacophony of samples which have been cut, chopped, and screwed from vinyls excavated from the depths of dollar bins around Los Angeles and beyond.

      CALLIE – CUTS 01 (11.18.17)


anno luz – porque
the supremes – come together manipulation
tokonoma (geographic north) – dissolving boundaries
connie francis – amena y core
elysia crampton – fire gut instrumental
jose-luis orozco – senora santa ana
gaussian curve – suspended motion
maxine weldon – just leave me alone
laurel halo – kroinos
klein – cry theme
angela bofill – what i wouldn’t do (for the love of you)
kingdom – into the fold
$3.33 – hip_hop recomendations

truthettes – make no mistake
eartheater – hyumm
matthew + bod – an unfettered habit
pharaohs – syzygy
vincent – be easy
aria rostami – vietnamosis
roberto musci – lullabies… mother sings… dad plays
consolidate – anthony lonell
roberto musci – nexus on the beach
eartheater – her story of platypus
tania libertad – tu boca, una nube blanca
callie – unreleased
bb – mhysa