Becky and Nikki – The Bubblegum & Other Delights Halloween Show (10.31.17)

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The Bubblegum & Other Delights Halloween Show with DJs Becky and Nikki happened on Oct. 31. Listen back here!

      Becky and Nikki – The Bubblegum & Other Delights Halloween Show (10.31.17)


Cattanooga Cats Theme: The Cattanooga Cats
Halloween Mary: P.F Sloan
Ding Dong, the Witch is Dead: Barbra Streisand
You’ve Become a Witch: The Electric Mess
I Put a Spell on You: Manfred Mann
Interlude: Toby Dammit Theme Slow Fox: Nino Rota (Spirits of the Dead ST)
Do The Transylvania Twist: Mark Dauenhauer
Snakes And Snails: Alma Cogan
I’m The Wolf Man: Round Robin
Mo Jo Hannah: Betty Harris
Gobblin Girl : Frank Zappa
Jack the Ripper: Screaming Lord Sutch & the Savages
All Black And Hairy: Gravedigger V
Creeper Crawler: Groovie Goolies
So Much: Count Five
Goo Goo Muck: The Cramps
Interlude: Pursuit: Sidewalk Scene (MaryJane ST)
Witch Queen Of New Orleans: Ervinna & The Stylers
Witchfinder General: Carl Douglas
Witch For A Night: Sugar Pie DeSanto
I`m Your Witch Doctor: Motörhead
Witchcraft In The Air: Bettye Lavette
Interlude: The Sex Machine: Bob Crewe & Charles Fox (Barbarella ST)
Haunt You: The 88
Morticia: Vic Mizzy
The Lurch: Ted Cassidy
Gomez: Vic Mizzy
Girly Worm: Mike Viola
Interlude: The Last Race: Jack Nitzsche (from Village of the Giants)
Voodoo: Josie & The Pussycats
Zombie Crush: The Haints
She Made My Blood Run Cold: Ike Turner
Evil Eye: Al Saxon
Interlude: Witchy Woman: Eagles

My Girlfriend is a Witch: Cattanooga Cats
You Must Be A Witch: Lollipop Shoppe
Astronomy Domine: Pink Floyd
The Mummy: Little Tibia and the Fibias
Interlude: Exit Spiels: Paul Frees, etc. (Disney’s Haunted Mansion ST)
Hocus Pocus: Larry Williams
Castin’ My Spell: Johnny Kidd and The Pirates
Riboflavin-Flavored, Non-Carbonated, Polyunsatured Blood: Don Hinson & The Rigamorticians
Dracula: Christine Pilzer
Hooray for Santy Claus: Senor Tonto