Andres Renteria – Cinema

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Andres Renteria is a frequent dublab dj and collaborator with nearly everyone who is part of our close Los Angeles music family. He is also one of our favorite folks in the whole wide world. Andres is a bright optimist with boundless energy. Musical energy flows through his every cell. It’s a beautiful sight to see him lost in sound dancing and clapping to a heavy soul jam or swaying to a psyched-out dreamer. We were thrilled when Andres e-mailed us his new album, “No Need To Think.” This is a solo project, but like most records from our LA creative circle, it’s a community thing. We’re not sure when his album will be available but are excited to share an early listen with you.

We’ll start where things should begin, by unveiling the first song, “Cinema.” This scene opens all the way west at the ocean. Waves crash onto the shoreline, roll up and over the sand and cruise the highway to the city’s heart. This is a salty swell that swirls over the land in ripples and foam. It reflects the moonlight, skyline and hills. It catches the people buzzing through their business and living their loves. The ocean is a screen on which LA’s life is projected. Its ebbs and flows reminding us nature is always by our side. “Cinema” is just the beginning of this beautiful album and we hope you keep your ears open for the other gems Andres has crafted for you.


Photo of Andres by the ever-talented Grace Oh.