ALAK – wonders of life mix for dublab (09.08.11)

Alak spin the phonograph bell around and around to give you a whirling super stereoscopic sense of the sounds that makes her tick. When you hear this mix then listen to her dublab “Sprout Session” the pieces of the puzzle will fly together and merge into, not an answer, but a large pulsating ? that screams, “WOW, how did the molecules of the universe unite to make this kind of creative wobble possible?” Well we encourage you to wipe that question away and just sit back to wade in the wonder of the mysteries of life and music.



Tunes: Song / Artist

1. Dust And Ashes / Cassiber
2. Uptown Top Ranking / Althia & Donna
3. Talibe / Maty Thiam Dogo
4. Child Heart / ALAK (from GROUPS cassette)
5. Contradictory Convolutions / Stephen Steinbrink
6. For Vini / R. Stevie Moore
7. Young symphonic / patten
8. Wiff Of Father / Pregnant
9. Gram / E & E
10. Amphisbaena / Woman Year
11. Eyes In The Center / Chrome
12. Cocaine / Lil B
13. Cat Grave / Arch M
14. Love is Ending / Liz Anderson (performed by my great Aunt, written by my grandmother Bonnie Haaby)
15. You You You / ALAK (from Tradition split)
16. Video / The Lickets

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