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House Shoes – Magic (03.21.18)

House Shoes used to live in Detroit, where he did a lot of really cool sh*t. Known for… Read More + Listen »

Daniel T – Crosseyed and Painless (03.21.18)

Daniel T, one half of the production duo Cosmic Kids, is a Los Angeles based producer and DJ.… Read More + Listen »

Lovefingers – ESP Institute “Live at Miscellaneous Wave (Los Angeles, 2001)” (03.21.18)

Welcome to the ESP Institute. Please remove your shoes at the door. Thank you. MIX: DOWNLOAD

Tippa Lee guest hosting – Meditation of Sound (03.21.18)

Tom Chasteen has been a fixture in the LA underground music scene for over two decades. He started… Read More + Listen »

Koreatown Oddity – Odd Hours Of Sound (03.21.18)

Photo credit: Theo Jemison An Unstructured time slot of weird shit. Live beats, with stupid skits, random records,… Read More + Listen »

Chris Ziegler w/guests Tropa Magica – One Reporter’s Opinion (03.21.18)

One Reporter’s Opinion—named after Chris Ziegler’s L.A. RECORD review column—is part lesson in lost history and part celebration… Read More + Listen »

Ale – Elevation Through Sound (03.21.18)

Alejandro Cohen is a musician and composer from Los Angeles, California. He has written and performed music as… Read More + Listen »

Arman Nafeei – Chez Arman (03.21.18)

“Chez Arman”, a radio show introducing you to sounds, interviewee’s and poetry from around the world, hosted by… Read More + Listen »

B. Fleischmann – guest session (03.21.18)

“Welcome to my mix of tracks that accompanied me through the last years. Some were surprises i discovered… Read More + Listen »

Jeff Parker w/guest Xylouris White – The Time Of Life (03.20.18)

Musician Jeff Parker curates an eclectic selection of music from his library of recordings, and occasionally invites guest… Read More + Listen »

Thomas Klepper – Library of Sounds Past Present and Future Directions (03.20.18)

Thomas is part founder and resident of Music For Dancers, a Los Angeles staple in the underground dance… Read More + Listen »

Hoseh – Version Sounds (03.20.18)

“Version Sounds is my interpretation of radio communication, my version. At its roots, the show credits reggae dub… Read More + Listen »

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