ZEBULON FMR w/guests Vincent Moon & Priscilla Telmon – Radio Zebulon (03.12.17)

Vincent Moon and Priscilla Telmon stopped by to discuss their latest project Híbridos – Os Espirítos do Brasil

Zebulon, a new center for artistic and cultural exchange, will be opening soon in Elysian Valley. Starting in early 2017, we hope you will join us at 2478 Fletcher Drive for community, food, drinks, music, film, theater and dancing. Until then, please listen in every Sunday to hear some of what’s in store…

      ZEBULON FMR w/guests Vincent Moon & Priscilla Telmon – Radio Zebulon (03.12.17)


Milton Nascimento – Portal Da Cor — Encontros e Despedidas – Barclay
Abba Gargando – Zinezju Meghdem – Mississippi Records
Mont-Joia – Ai visit lo lop, lo rainard, la lebre – Le chant du monde
Ritos De Passagem – Borogo Biriparu
Hamza El Din – I remember – Escalay the water wheel – Nonesuch Explorer Series
Phil Cohran and Legacy – White Nile – African Skies – Captcha Records
Paris Smith Quintet – Thought Seeds – Thought Seeds – Oracle
Billy Bang Quintet – Rainbow Gladiator – Rainbow Gladiator – Soul Note
Domingo Cura – Vidala de la Copla – (4) – NG

– Vincent Moon & Priscilla Telmon in conversation with Mia Doi Todd –

Aparecida – Tereza Aragão – Cid