Zebulon FMR w/guest Matt Mottel – Radio Zebulon (01.29.17)


A music venue is usually all about reception, providing a physical place where audiences can come to receive musical transmissions from around the world. On this show, we’ll flip the switch and broadcast the sounds of Zebulon back to the world. We’ll be sharing recordings gathered over the ten years of our original incarnation in Brooklyn, alongside recent releases from musical friends and favorite works by inspirational artists – to be followed in the near future by weekly broadcasts from Zebulon’s new Los Angeles location.

Zebulon, a new center for artistic and cultural exchange, will be opening soon in Elysian Valley. Starting in early 2017, we hope you will join us at 2478 Fletcher Drive for community, food, drinks, music, film, theater and dancing. Until then, please listen in every Sunday to hear some of what’s in store…

“Matthew Mottel is an internationally recognized musician and artist, performing most notably with Talibam! for the past seven years. His visage should be familiar to anyone who’s been going to shows in NYC in the past ten years. He’s been hanging around NYC clubs since he was like 16, and dropping electric mind bombs with his synthesizer in those clubs nearly as long with folks like Karole Armitage, Rhys Chatham, Awesome Color, Akron/Family, Jeffrey Lewis, Chris Taylor (Grizzly Bear), Kenny Wollesen, Chris Corsano, Ras Moshe, Cooper-Moore, Sean Meehan, and many others.” – Free Music Archive

      Zebulon FMR w/guest Matt Mottel – Radio Zebulon (01.29.17)


Robert Wyatt – I’m A Believer – Theatre Royal Drury Lane – Hannibal

The Soft Machine – Hope For Happiness (Reprise) – The Soft Machine – Probe

Gong – You Can’t kill Me – Camembert Electrique – Caroline

Dorival Caymmi – Canoeiro – Caymmi E Seu Violão – Odeon

Robert Wyatt – Hasta Siempre Comandante – Comicopera – Domino

Hannibal Marvin Peterson & The Sunrise Orchestra – The Bombing – Children
Of The Fire – Sunrise

Richard Youngs – Life on a Beam – The Naive Shaman – Jagjaguwar

Köhn – Transported Man – Random Patterns – Kraak

Ciani – The Fourth Wave: Wind In The Sea – Seven Waves – Finnadar

Robert Wyatt – The United States of Amnesia – Old Rottenhat – Rough Trade

The Taj-Mahal Travelers – excerpt – July 15th, 1972 – Klimt

Chris Barron – Goodnight – Happy Machine Standard Music Library 1970-2010 –

Mdou Moctar – Sibidoul – Akounak Tedalat Taha Tazoughai (OST) – Sahel

Robert Wyatt – Solar Flares Burn For You – Solar Flares Burn For You –

Robbie Basho – Variations On “Shakespeare Wallah” – The Falconers Arm II –

– Conversation with Matt Mottel –

Talibam! – Guido Hills – Translition 2 Seriusness

Platinum Vision – Get Out Of My Town – Unreleased

Talibam! with Alan Wilkinson – It Is Dangerous To Lean Out – Astral Spirits

CSC Funk Band – Gang Starr instrumental – Unreleased

Talibam! – Hard Vibe – ESP Disk

Can – Don’t Turn The Light On, Leave Me Alone – Soundtracks – Liberty