Yui Onodera, Tetsuro Yasunaga, PJUSK – dublab.jp Radio Collective #128 live from Malmö Tokyo (3.30.16)


As a relevant program of “2k×Editions Mego – PJUSK & CHRA japan tour 2016 –“, we broadcasted 2 hours special introduction of the flont-line of Northern Europe music. Navigated by Yui Onodera and Tetsuro Yasunaga, we could explore its singular regionality, genre-straddling diversity, and mixture of those in the unique Northern Europe music. Especially, they focused music/musician in Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Iceland to search the structure and relativity of jazz, improvisation, and elector music that are be nurtured in each place. Also, two of PJUSK, who have just arrived in Japan, jointed the show and said hello to Japanese listeners.


Every Wednesday the dublab.jp team streams live from Malmö Cafe & Bar in Tokyo for “Radio Collective”. If you’re in Tokyo join them in person for the fun, or you can tune-in from anywhere in the world by visiting dublab.jp. The broadcast event starts each Wednesday at 9pm Tokyo time / 4am Los Angeles time.

dublab.jp Radio Collective #128 From cafe Malmö, Tokyo (3.30.16)

Yui Onodera & Tetsuro Yasunaga :

1. Eivind Aarset / Family Pictures 1 (Jazzland)
2. Eivind Aarset / Wanderlust (Jazzland)
3. Jan Bang / Singer’s Ashes (Jazzland)
4. Erik Honor? / Sanctuary (Hubro)
5. Elephant9 / You Are the Sunshine of My Life (Rune Grammofon)
6. Supersilent / 6.4 (Rune Grammofon)
7. Motorpsycho & Jaga Jazzist Horns / Tristano (Konkurrent)
8. Motorpsycho / Big Black Dog (Rune Grammofon)
9. Jana Winderen / Isolation/Measurement (Touch)
10. Jan Johansson / Visa Fran Utanmyra (Megafon)
11. Christian Lappalainen / Visa Fran Utanmyra (We Manage With Love)
12. Erkki Kurenniemi / Improvisaatio (Love Records)
13. Pjusk / Sus (12k)