Alex Pelly w/ Shrill – PELLYVISION (09.22.2018)

PELLYVISION is a monthly collision of sound and vision. Alex Pelly creates live video to accompany sounds from… Read More + Listen »

      Alex Pelly w/ Shrill - PELLYVISION (09.22.2018) – Two Decades of Emotional Strategies: Avant-Garde, Industrial & Electronic Music in Spain

MIX: DOWNLOAD MIX: DOWNLOAD TWO DECADES OF EMOTIONAL STRATEGIES Text by Víctor Nubla The album presentation of Abstracte,… Read More + Listen »

      20 Years of Avant-Garde, Industrial & Electronic Music in Spain Pt. 1

Zane & Nightchilde – Slow Motion (02.22.12)

Slow Motion DJ’s Zane & Nightchilde (formerly of The Killing Spree) have manifested this moment with the destiny… Read More + Listen »


matthewdavid – “Leaving Records” (02.22.12)

Matthewdavid hosts his weekly, live show on dublab as a means of reaching through your computer speakers to… Read More + Listen »


Jimmy Tamborello – Dying Songs (02.09.12)

AAAAHHHH there was a computer mishap during the show today so you’ll be jointing a broadcast already in… Read More + Listen »


Felt Drawings – live dublab “sprout session” (11.08.10)

Felt Drawings is the electronic pop project of Dominic Tiberio who materialized at dublab for a live Proton… Read More + Listen »

      Felt Drawings - live DUBLAB Sprout Session (11.08.10)

Trayer – Dissolvi

This is the explanation offered up by Porter Records for the movement of Trayer’s new album Afterlife An… Read More + Listen »

      Trayer - Dissolvi

Lucky Dragons – passed phew chair (11.12.10)

Lucky Dragons dipped their pocket watches into wax because they know time is a construct of anxious society.… Read More + Listen »


Dave Muller – a lush landscape (06.02.11)

Dave Muller is an exceptional example of what a trigger happy biographer may dub a Rennaisance Man. Though… Read More + Listen »


Alak – live dublab “sprout session” (11.21.10)

Alak ventured down from her home in the Sacremento Valley to dublab for this “sprout session.” Her percussive… Read More + Listen »