Suzanne Ciani – Quadrophonic Broadcast & Interview (06.04.18)

In celebration of Suzanne Ciani‘s LIVE Quadraphonic release, dublab hosted a live broadcast of the album from its vinyl test pressing during the station’s annual pledge drive on Monday, June 4th, 2018 at Noon Pacific Time. Suzanne joined KamranV and Ale for a live interview on the air.

To experience this broadcast in quadrophonic, listeners can experience the broadcast via routed through:
Involve Audio’s Surround Master decoder or Vintage decoders/receivers such as the Sansui QS Vario Matrix enabled QSD1, QRX 7001, QRX 8001, QRX 9001 or other similar QS/Regular Matrix decoders/receivers.

Many listeners are likely to listen to the quadraphonic broadcast via Dolby Pro Logic II receivers using “Music Mode.” These have a very large install base and are in virtually every hi-fi receiver made since 2001. The digital release of LIVE Quadraphonic may also be heard in quad via any of these devices.

The numbered, 227 copy limited edition Quadraphonic vinyl package is available for purchase here and also at Ace Hotel locations around the world June 29th.

      Suzanne Ciani - Quadrophonic Broadcast & Interview (06.04.18)