Sun Araw – SECOND SYSTEM VISION RADIO: EPISODE 1: “Linen Clothes” (03.15.13)

EPISODE 1: “Linen Clothes”

“A project of the NEW VISION INITIATIVE, a monthly stakeout involving a complex filtration system including but not limited to tunes, talks, texts, and video.” – Sun Araw

PART 1: Big Muffle, Heavy Shuffle

“His Writings”

(special presentation) 07:02 – 45:22, Presented in its radiant entirety, NITE LITE – “MEGREZ” on Desire Path Recordings, 2012. ORDER HERE.

followed by Water Torture

PART 2: King’s Pawn to Blue Square

Rene Hell vs. Cardinal Woolsey chess match and conversation, musical selections from R. Hell catalog

followed by Keep On Trying (3 painted ponies)