Sugai Ken – Exclusive Mix (07.31.13)


Sugai Ken is a Japanese artist that creates atmospheres, moods, and places through sound. We connected with him and we happy to offer you a mix he prepared for dublab. Be ready to be taken somewhere abstract, places you’ve been to but didn’t know existed.




Asa-Chang & Junray – Kotoba Wo Renkosuru To Donaru – Kage No Nai Hito – Commmons

Oneohtrix Point Never – Russian Mind – Rifts – No Fun Productions

The Bulgarian Voices Angelite Feat. Huun-Huur-Tu – Wave – Fly, Fly My Sadness – Jaro Medien GmbH

Power Douglas – Rvrsr (Fhloston Paradigm Remix) – Rvrsr(Remixes) – Five Six Media

Futaba Koji × Yoshida Daikiti – Aidubandaisan – Discover New Japan(Minyo New Wave Vol.1) – Tuff Beats

John Grzinich – Quiet Field With Corn Crakes On The Road From Rasina – Madal öö – Engraved Glass

Emilio Haro – Adentro – Panoramico – Radiaciones Armonicas

Phillip Bimstein – Half Moon At Checkerboard Mesa – Larkin Gifford’s Harmonica – Starkland

Toy Box – Gingatetsudo No Yoru – Tribute to Haruomi Hosono – Commmons

Haruomi Hosono – End Theme (Gingatetsudo No Yoru) – Gingatetsudo No Yoru (Original Soundtrack) – Teichiku

Sugai Ken – Goto No Yoniwa – Unreleased

Dot i/o – Lfln – Declaration Of The Independence Of The Imagination And The Rights Of Man To His Own Madness II – P-Vine Records