submerse, kidkanevil, HiBiKi MaMeShiBa – “Radio Collective” live from Malmö Tokyo (10.29.14)


In the last session in October, submerse and kidkanevil visited Malmö after so long. They are label mates have released a new album from Project: Mooncircle / flau and both played special live set including their own tunes. And, HiBiKi MaMeShiBa, an pioneer of Gorge (currently poplar music genre originally came from the club scene around India and Nepal mountainous area), first appeared in radio followed by FORESTLIMIT’s 4th anniversary collaboration party in Apil. He performed only rooted Gorge2.0 DJ set for broadcasting! Also, his friends from the world first Gorge band ToM Network came and joined MaMeShiBa then we had a boisterous night as well. Radio Collective #79 From cafe Malmö, Tokyo (10.29.14)


Every Wednesday the team streams live from Malmö Cafe & Bar in Tokyo for “Radio Collective”. If you’re in Tokyo join them in person for the fun, or you can tune-in from anywhere in the world by visiting The broadcast event starts each Wednesday at 9pm Tokyo time / 4am Los Angeles time. Radio Collective #79 From cafe Malmö, Tokyo (10.29.14)


1.submerse / Let’s Never Come Back Here Again (Project: Mooncircle)
2.Noyce / Beat11 (bandcamp)
3.submerse / math. (Project: Mooncircle)
4.S Maharba / So Much Skin ‘feat. Jed and Lucia’ (BTS)
5.submerse / Blueprints (unreleased)
6.submerse / Snorlax (Project: Mooncircle)
7.tropes / talc (DIRTY TAPES)
8.submerse / Bokeh (unreleased)
9.submerse / Fumes (Project: Mooncircle)
10.submerse / Twiceshy (Project: Mooncircle)
11.Tentacle / Memories of Dimsum (sound cloud)
12.submerse / Cut From The Team (Project: Mooncircle)
13.Ryuei Kotoge / Arc ‘mfp Remix’ (bandcamp)
14.submerse / Shoreline (Project: Mooncircle)
15.submerse / Truth (Project: Mooncircle)
16.tropes / wren (DIRTY TAPES)
17.submerse / Struck Out (Project: Mooncircle)
18.submerse / if.i (unreleased)

kidkanevil live set:

1.kidkanevil / All Is Lost
2.kidkanevil / Earth to G San ft Tetsuya Hikita
3.kidkanevil / Escape Pod
4.kidkanevil / Harmonics Pt 1
5.kidkanevil / Tales Of Moonlight And Rain
6.Arts The Beatdoctor / Moebius’ Travels (kidkanevil remix) (Lowriders
Recordings )
7.Iglooghost / Shunkanido (for.kidkanevil) (soundcloud)
8.kidkanevil / Butterfly/Satellite ft Cuushe & submerse
9.kidsuke / Ghostgirl (KRTS remix)
10.kidsuke / Frogs in a Wel
11.kidkanevil / Nursery Rhyme Scheme
12.kidkanevil / Electricity Pt 1
13.kidkanevil / Palm Of My Hand ft Foreign Beggars (Mau5trap Recordings)
14.kidkanevil / One For Tokyo
15.kidsuke / Super Deformed
16.kidkanevil / Inakunaru ft Phasma
17.kidkanevil / The Floating World (Eliphino remix)
18.kidkanevil / All Is Not Lost ft Cuushe & Cokiyu
19.kidkanevil / Lantern 1 (Daisuke Tanabe remix)
20.kidkanevil – Working Angles Riddim
21.kidsuke / Tiny Concrete Block
22.DZA x kidkanevil / Temple (How2make Records)
23.kidkanevil / Gunnm
24.kidkanevil / i went to an electricity museum
25.kidkanevil / Kanzeon
26kidkanevil / Tomie ft Cokiyu

HiBiKi MaMeShiBa:

1. Ensemble Economique / Forever Eyes (HM GORGERIZED)
2. Daphne Oram Reworked And Re/Interpreted By Andrea Parker And Daz
3. Quayle / Frightened Of Myself (HM GORGERIZED_2)
4. John Zorn / Evocation of Baphomet (HM GORGERIZED)
5. Virgil Donati / A Small Opening (HM GORGERIZED)
6. Nurse With Wound and Aranos / Eyes of a Scanning Girl (HM GORGERIZED)
7. HiBiKi MaMeShiBa / Bozzeziov
8. The Alvaret Ensemble, Kira Kira, Eiríkur Orri Ólafsson, Ingi Garðar Erlendsson, 9. Borgar Magnason / Sjouw
10. Ensemble Economique / Real Things (HM GORGERIZED)
11. hanali / Tom Riff Tom
12. HiBiKi MaMeShiBa / Jazz
13. Lotte Anker / Sylvie Courvoisier / Ikue Mori / Ostrich War (HM GORGERIZED)
14. Janssen. Termos. Janssen / For Sandy Nelson (HM GORGERIZED)
15. Gabor Lazar / IX
16. Czeslaw Niemen / Epitafium (Pamieci Piotra) (HM GORGERIZED)
17. Jean Paul Gorge / 2.0
18. Larsen & Z’EV / In V.Tro (The Aural Mix)
19. hanali / Next
19. Peter Brotzmann, Joe McPhee, Kent Kessler, Michael Zerang / Something There Is That Doesn’t Love
20. Czeslaw Niemen / Planeta Ziemia (HM GORGERIZED)
21. Tenko / Shi/Ru/Shi (HM GORGERIZED)
22. Casiopea / Mid/Manhattan (Drum Solo Version / HM GORGERIZED)
23. Fis / Speech Spirits
24. HiBiKi MaMeShiBa / Fujiyama ver 3.0
25. DJ Shishapangma / Teteiwa 2
26. Zbigniew Preisner / Song For The Unification Of Europe (Julie’s Version / HM GORGERIZED)
27. Duke Ellington / Autumn Leaves (Shishapangma GORGERIZED)