Stevie Be – guest session (01.31.17)


Stevie Be, man of everything, music listener, and teevee watcher. You may have seen him around Los Angeles Djing, on your friends couch, or shopping at Hollywood Vons. He has DJ’d at many places, some of them with FREE DRINKS! many times alongside of great artists such as Morcheeba, Riff Raff, and Dirty Dave (to name a few). List of clients include Tide Detergent, The Rustic Inn Los Feliz, and Macdonalds on Wilshire. Stevie moved here from Philadelphia (The Granite State), where he was briefly a mini disc only dj for 3 months in the mid 00’s, but nobody seemed to notice/care. With a face for radio and an ear for gold, you will surely delight in the program he has to offer. Tune in for an eclectic mix of music from the genre of good, philosophical waxing, and cracking wise. And he lives really close to the station and can get there on foot, so no problems there.