Ssaliva – LRZPM (11.18.11)


Ssaliva sent us a signal from the mist. This is a common path of communication for this prolific music creator. Ssaliva is one of the aliases of a mysterious Belgian music maker with a multitude of sonic signatures. Ssaliva releases music through some of the most ear pleasing labels in the world including Leaving Records, Surf Kill and Vlek Records. This is a special mix made just for dublab’s Proton Drive fundraiser. We’re excited to pass these evolved sounds along to you.

      Ssaliva - LRZPM (11.18.11)


Ryuichi Sakamoto: Island Of Woods
Olivier Roy: Oreille
Null And Void: Japanese Forest
Deutsche Wertarbeit: Der Grosse Atem
The Blech: Singing Wales
Watch The Skies: Eastern Reach
Psyche: Eating Violins
TCP: Rituals
Rüdiger Lorenz: Flight Over Greenland
Adelbert Von Deyen: Dreamdancer [Part 1]
Christian Chevalier & Alan Feanch: Bruges Resonance
Peter Schaefer: Smv 379
Piero Umiliani: Batiments no. 1
Ssaliva: Black Soul
Wanda Group: 1981 GIRL
Hype Williams: Break4love
Dynooo: Juice Juice
Harry Forbes: Glass Bells
Jay Chataway: MC 291 Vigilante
Mr. Oizo: 1$44
Harry Forbes: Technicality no.3
Harry Forbes: Videologo no.5
Harry Forbes: Videologo no.4