Sister Crayon – Peanut Butter and Jelly Sessions (08.30.10)

Jon Brion – “Phone Call” from Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (Hollywood)

Brother – “Honeyhead” from Self Titles (Self Release)

Religious Girls – “Colorwheel” from Open Your Heart to Fantasy (Self Release)

Odd Nosdam – “Wig 12” from No Wig for Ohio (Anticon)

Dusty Brown – “Circular Reeducation” from Tycho’s Past is Prologue (Ghostly International)

Nobody and the Mystic Chords of Memory – “Decisions, Decisions” from Tree Colored See (Mush)

Cepia – “Hoarse” – from Idol Tryouts (Ghostly International)

Blockhead – “Long Walk Home” from Downtown Science (Ninja Tune)

Tycho – “Past is Prologue” – from Past is Prologue (Ghostly International)

Raleigh Moncrief – “Gold Rush” from Combed Over Chrome (Obstructive Vibrations)

Helios – “Coast Off” from Eingya (Type Records)

Telefon Tel Aviv – “What it is Without the Hand the Wields” from Map of What is Effortless (Hefty!)

Nosaj Thing – “Lights 2” – from Drift (Alpha Pup)

Pedro – “Hope is a Happiness” from You, Me and Everyone (Rogue)

Nosaj Thing – SPEAK

Subtle – “Eneby Kurs” from Earthsick (A Purple 100)

Raleigh Moncrief – “Souls of Gold (Oh Fuck! Remix)” from Sister Crayon’s Remix Record (Manimal Vinyl)