Thomas Klepper’s 100% Silk / Not Not Fun Mix (Digital Download)

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Product Description

Thomas Klepper recorded this set through discontinued Shure cartridges from the mid 1980’s. These were mounted to a specific Kenwood tonearm of the same era. The records were turned by Thorens 125 turntables and then preamplified by preamps that Thomas pulled from various pieces of gear from the early 1970’s. Thomas mixed the audio using a UREI 1620. From there the signal was boosted using a dynamics processor and recorded to cassette tape via a Tascam 424 set at the highest possible speed. All effects were done through Garageband.

Thomas Klepper is part founder and resident of Music For Dancers, a monthly underground in the heart of Los Angeles. His other creations include, but are not limited to, Open Spaces (a broadcast which houses creative progress via sounds and sights), Adventures In Flight (a Los Angeles underground focused on booking the newest artists from the furthest places), The Los Angeles Record Pool (providing new releases at cost to local dj’s), and Association Of Masks (a cassette and record label aimed at the stars).

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100% SILK and Not Not Fun and labels under the umbrella of Amanda and Britt. They are one of the main forces in the music world and catalysts to many projects, almost too many to mention. Visit the labels websites and immerse yourself in their world, and if you can, try to get lost in there too.