Future Roots Mix CD: Andy Cabic & Zach Cowie – The Elegant 80’s

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Welcome to the 10th installment in dublab's Future Roots Mix series: The Elegant 80's.

A time where champagne and studio budgets flowed in unison, Roxy Music's “Avalon” was the new Sgt. Pepper, and the preferred mode of transportation was the speed-boat.

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Vetiver’s Andrew Cabic and DJ Zachary Cowie (Turquoise Wisdom) both share a fascination with this fleeting moment and gahered together one afternoon in Venice Beach to assemble for you a thirteen-track journey of emotional transcendence via modern elegance. With John Martyn as our host, we invited well-known ambassadors of elegance to mingle with a few overlooked and under-appreciated purveyors of pop sophistication, to explore the outer limits of gated reverb.

Warning: any pianos heard here were almost certainly white and/or covered with rose petals.

Proceed with caution, indoor sunglasses, scented candles, and credit card debt.


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