Empty Dancefloors (Digital Download)

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Empty Dancefloors is a collection of DJ mixes assembled for dublab’s spring 2013 “Proton Drive” fundraiser. These fantasy mixes are sonic time travel devices connecting listeners with extinct, historic music venues of the past.

This digital fundraiser compilation features mixes from some of our favorite DJs and was crafted as a thank you gift to dublab donors.

Alejandro Cohen / The Hacienda
Cosmic D’Alessandro / Ku Ibiza
Daddy Kev / Konkrete Jungle
Derelict / Stealth
EDJ / Weltbühne
Frosty / Mos Eisley Cantina
Greg Belson / Dingwalls
Jake Viator / The Kingfish
Thomas Klepper / The Loft
Tim “Love” Lee & Thom Bullock / Fab Fanny