Elusive – Cosmic Web (Cassette Tape)


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Thanks to Dome Of Doom!

Limited Edition run of 200 High-Bias cassette tape

Solid Red tape w/ White Ink

Released January 6, 2017

All tracks produced, mixed, and mastered by Elusive

Artwork by Marcin Kolejko


A1 Stairway To The Stars
A2 Cosmos
A3 Fiya Wasabi
A4 Butta Whateva
A5 Strange Danger
A6 Reflections In A Puddle
A7 Turkey With Swiss
A8 Mellow Melodies
A9 Piano Roll
A10 Jungle Safari
A11 Slow Motion In The Clouds
A12 Ly Fy RnB
B1 Wake And Bake
B2 Aquatic Funk
B3 Crispy Nights
B4 Playgrounds
B5 Bar Talk
B6 Moments
B7 Mannequin Challenge
B8 Star Chaser
B9 Standing Uprights
B10 Mood Setter
B11 8 Bit Fantasy
B12 Tables Turned



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