dublab Disco Edits (Digital Download)

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DUBLAB DISCO EDITS is a collection of dance-floor flips created by dublab’s favorite music makers. These are deep grooves for turned-on music lovers. Thanks to all of the artists who contributed heavy jams to this collection. We hope it keeps you moving. Lots of love to all of the Protons for your generous support. Your positive energy powers dublab!

Biggest Crush – Wind Song
Chico Sonido – Ilusionada
Chico Sonido – No Provoques
Chico Sonido – Trampa Cosmica
J-Disko – Beatnik
J-Disko – Ido La Trada
J-Disko – Seduction
King & Hound – Gary Bartz
Kutmah – Odyssey
Lawrence Grey – Take That To The Bank
Maximillion Dunbar – Slave to the Rhythm
Moebius – Kapad
Moebius – Kingong
Moebius – Laufmal
OK Ikumi – No One Can Love You More Than Me
OK Ikumi – Oddball
Sensu – Sowing
Thomas Klepper – Midnight Is The Time I Need You
Tiago – Did It Again
Version Unknown – Theoretical China
Wake – Midas Five

Much love to all the artists that contributed to this great compliation!