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Daedelus – Labyrinths (Cassette Tape)


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Thanks to Dome of Doom!

Limited Edition run of 200 High-Bias cassette tape

Solid White tape w/ Red Ink

Released October 28, 2016

Releasing on Magical Properties/Dome of Doom on October 28th, 2016

Artwork by Grisha Karakozov and Roey Tsemah.

Mixed and Mastered by Daddy Kev

All Songs by Daedelus


A1 Aries

Co-producer – Teebs Vocals – Darren Ashley

A2 Tussle

Vocals – Seven Davis Jr.

A3 Special Re: Quest
A4 Labyrinths
A5 Setting Out

Vocals – Amir Yaghmai

A6 In Your Hands

Vocals – BusdriverMousey McGlynn

B1 Minotaur

Vocals – Zeroh

B2 Keeps Fire Burning

Vocals – Vōx

B3 A Maze Amazing
B4 Crime Of Passion

Vocals – Laura Darlington

B5 War Drums
B6 Hold Sway