Riow Arai, Coffee & Cigarettes Band – “Radio Collective” live from Malmö Tokyo (12.24.14)


In the Christmas Eve in 2014, the beat maestro Riow Arai finally came to play for! He looked back at his career until his 12th album “HIGH REVOLUTION.” Then, Coffee & Cigarettes Band‘s regular program “electric roots” featured the somehow-related-with-Chiristma tunes for the night. Radio Collective #85 From cafe Malmö, Tokyo (12.24.14)


Every Wednesday the team streams live from Malmö Cafe & Bar in Tokyo for “Radio Collective”. If you’re in Tokyo join them in person for the fun, or you can tune-in from anywhere in the world by visiting The broadcast event starts each Wednesday at 9pm Tokyo time / 4am Los Angeles time. Radio Collective #85 From cafe Malmö, Tokyo (12.24.14)


1. Can / Silent Night (TKeelers Extended Yule Time Treat)
2. Riow Arai / 1969 (Frogman)
3. Riow Arai / Wandering (sou-disk)
4. Riow Arai / Gold (sou-disk)
5. Riow Arai / Kusakari (sou-disk)
6. Riow Arai / Mode Down (sou-disk)
7. Riow Arai / Glare Glance (Libyus)
8. Riow Arai / Electro Smash (Libyus)
9. Riow Arai / Chocolate Derringer (Libyus)
10. Riow Arai / Status (disques corde)
11. Riow Arai / Stopcoolconfine (rar)
12. Riow Arai / Ubiquity (rar)
13. Riow Arai / Earthling (rar)
14. WHAM! / Last Christmass (PHON.O’s Calm Down Edit)

Coffee & Cigarettes Band:

1. Black Milk / Detroit’s New Dance Show (Computer Ugly)
2. New Sector Movements / MeK Movement (Virgin)
3. Theo Parrish / Helmut Lampshade (Sound Signature)
4. Shafiq Husayn / Twelve(Instrumental) (Eglo Records)
5. J Dilla / Ice (The Shining Pt. 2) (Pay Jay Productions)
6. Shafiq Husayn / Re-Incarnation (Instrumental) (Eglo Records)
7. Black Milk / Quarter Water Featuring Pete Rock (Computer Ugly)
8. New Sector Movements / Show Dem(Our Time) (Virgin)
9. New Sector Movements / Penny Dropped (Virgin)
10. New Sector Movements / The Sun (Virgin)
11. Theo Parrish / Ah Featuring M.Pittman,Ideeyah & Dumine Deporres (Sound Signature)
12. Theo Parrish / Cypher Delight (Sound Signature)
13 .Aphex Twin / Xmas_Evet10 (Thanaton3 Mix)(Warp)