Remy Marc w/guests Lokier & C.L.A.W.S. – VSSL Radio (03.22.18)

Welcome to VSSL RADIO, the air- & wire-borne extension of the VSSL warehouse series, helmed by Remy Marc, with residents Josh Beck and Travis Castle, and featuring regular special guests. VSSL is warehouse music: techno, electro, acid, house, industrial, and EBM. Take your body off.

      Remy Marc w/guests Lokier & C.L.A.W.S. – VSSL Radio (03.22.18)


Remy Marc

Broken English Club – The Gentle Art of Murder

Eschaton – Degenerate

Agony Forces – Polar Era (Ancient Methods Remix)

Exiles – Rapid Acid

Years Of Denial & Alexey Volkov – Confess (EBM version)

Glós – Man Is The Cruelest Animal

Blush Response – You Will Cry Out in Grief

Milton Bradley – Monochromatic

DsorDNE – Rimani (Unhuman Remix)

Scalamerija & VSK – Avalon

Sinfol – Trembling

MPIA3 – Ely

Andreas Gehm – HKX

Lokier b2b C.L.A.W.S. (in italics)

Lokier – Last One

Savage Hymn – La Vida Sigue Igual

Vault – Freedom Of Choice

Religious Order – Medusa

Hypnobeat – Donna’s Gift #2

Alvin Aronson – black car

Kill Switch – Age of aggression

Dj Nephil – Unholy Beings

Liason Dangereuse – Peut Etre Pas

2am/fm – Poison Dart

Caron – Terra

Norwell – Transz