Remy Marc, Josh Beck, and PRIVACY – VSSL Radio (03.07.18)

Welcome to VSSL RADIO, the air- & wire-borne extension of the VSSL warehouse series, helmed by Remy Marc, with residents Josh Beck and Travis Castle, and featuring regular special guests. VSSL is warehouse music: techno, electro, acid, house, industrial, and EBM. Take your body off.

      Remy Marc, Josh Beck, and PRIVACY - VSSL Radio (03.07.18)


Josh Beck:

Frische Farbe – Grau Grau Grau Grau

Karen Marks – Cold Cafe

Denial – California Dreamin’

Sudeten Crèche – Are Kisses Out Of Fashion

Unovidual – Dit Is Pas Het Begin

Autumn – I Say You Hello

Arvid Tuba – The Seasons Are Sitting On Chairs

Los Iniciados – La Marca De Anubis

Martin DuPont – Inside Out

Remy Marc:

Further Reductions – Beyond Time

Ninos Du Brasil – O Som De Ossos

Crash ID – Raindance

Suburban Knight – Collaboration Alpha

E.R.P. – Gallup String

Jeff Derringer – FM-324

Broken English Club – Country Life