Rani de Leon – Tizita Radio (03.13.17)


Rani de Leon is a performing arts programmer, music curator and DJ. From the discerned dancefloor to the avid music listener, he is known for weaving international sounds and all expressions of soul in a seamless and sophisticated style. He is founder and curator of Soul in the Park, a 4-year residency which created a community around emerging live musicians and DJ’s from Los Angeles. He is also co-founder, curator and resident DJ of Radio Afrique, an event series which celebrates the richness of music and film from Africa and the diaspora.

TIZITA RADIO is sublime music inspired by the joy of remembering, and the feeling of longing for something that will never retur

      Rani de Leon - Tizita Radio (03.13.17)


Getachew Kassa – Tizita
Lury Lech – Barreras
Os Mulheres Negras – Mãoscolorida
Live Low – Antiplot
Geir Jenssen – palung: a yak caravan is coming
O Yuki Conjugate – Anima
Priscilla Ermel – Corpo Do Vento
Eblen Macari – La Constelación De Pejelagarto
Haruomi Hosono – Saigo No Rakuen (The Last Paradise)
Lunar Rhapsody – S.J. Hoffman & H. Ravel & Les Baxter
Cinema – Sem Toto
O Yuki Conjugate – Flute Cloud
Mdou Moctar – Adounia Tiyoun
Hugh Tracey – Chifundo Chamanga
Maria Sabina – Santo.. Nana
Shadow – Let’s Get Together
Francis Lai – Young Freedom
Nando Carneiro – G.R.E.S. Luxo Artesanal
Caetano Veloso – Maria Bethania
Haruomi Hosono – Hurricane Dorothy
Mariah – Shinzo no Tobira
Toto Bissainthe – Rassemblement
Erasmo Carlos – Grilos
Laraaji – Vision Song Suite
K. Leimer – My Timid Desires