Rani de Leon – Tizita Radio (03.12.18)

Rani de Leon is a performing arts programmer, music curator and DJ. From the discerned dancefloor to the avid music listener, he is known for weaving international sounds and all expressions of soul in a seamless and sophisticated style. He is founder and curator of Soul in the Park, a 4-year residency which created a community around emerging live musicians and DJ’s from Los Angeles. He is also co-founder, curator and resident DJ of Radio Afrique, an event series which celebrates the richness of music and film from Africa and the diaspora.

TIZITA RADIO is sublime music inspired by the joy of remembering, and the feeling of longing for something that will never return.

      Rani de Leon - Tizita Radio (03.12.18)


Mulatu Astatke – Tezeta (Nostalgia)
Serge Bulot – Euryale
Roberto Musci & Giovani Venosta – Starfishes and Kangaroos
Marco Fedrigo – Umbria
Piero Umiliani – Crepuscolo sul Mare
Maria Teresa Luciani – Supermarket
Piero Milesi – Camera 2° Parte
Yves Tumor – The Feeling When You Walk Away
Luciani – Free Jazz Samba
Steve Gray – The Night We Saw the Sun
Astral Sounds – Tides
Lightwave – Modular Experiment 4
Georges Rodi – aquatic melodie
Satoshi Ashikawa – Still Park Ensemble
Raul Lovisoni / Francesco Messina – Hula Om
Alan Feanch – Flowers Country
Lincoln Mayorga – Love Rach
Gérard Gesina – Man Fly
Os Tincoas – Obaluae
Yves Tumor – Ciervo
Robert Viger – limpidité
Rubba – Way Star
P. Willsher T. Kelly – moon gliding
Robert Lueben – Vogei Frei
Lucia – Ishinohana
Hiroshi Yoshimura – Something Blue