Rani de Leon – Tizita Radio (02.13.17)


Rani de Leon is known for his signature blend of worldly sounds, jazz textures, and feel-good roots and soul vibes. He was the founder and curator of Soul in the Park, which brought various circles of Los Angeles together for almost 4 years. He is also a co-founder and resident DJ of Radio Afrique, who host music events and film screenings focused on works from Africa and the diaspora. These days you can catch him DJing, or programming and producing special music happenings in nightlife venues and cultural institutions around Los Angeles.

TIZITA RADIO is sublime music inspired by the joy of remembering, and the feeling of longing for something that will never return.

      Rani de Leon - Tizita Radio (02.13.17)


Getatchew Mekurya – Muziqa Heywete
Nuno Canavarro – Untitled
Admas – Astawesalehu
Roberto Musci – A Tale For C
Jon Hassell – Adios, Saturn
Alessandro Alessandroni – Ultimo Soggiorno
Luc Herbert Sejor – Peines Pezi
Coulibaly Tidiane & Dafra Star – Si Tu Maime
Francis Bebey – Forest Nativity
Roberto Musci – Empty Boulevard
GB (Gifted & Blessed) – The Winds Have Passed
Nuno Canavarro – Untitled
Alessandro Alessandroni – Prima Eta’
Os Brasas – A Distancia
Lula Cortes – Nordeste Oriental
Otis G Johnson – Time To Go Home
Ariel Kalma – Rainy Day
Nuno Canavarro – Bruma
Admas – Kalatashe Waga
Orchestre Poly Rythmo de Cotonou – Nou De Ma Do Vo
Gnonnas Pedro – Dadje Von O Von Non
Azna De L’Ader – Arne
Ali Farka Toure – Unknown
Ariel Kalma – Ecstasy Musical Mind Yoga
Carlos Maria Trindade & Nuno Canavarro – CMT: West