Rani de Leon – Tizita Radio (02.12.18)

Rani de Leon is a performing arts programmer, music curator and DJ. From the discerned dancefloor to the avid music listener, he is known for weaving international sounds and all expressions of soul in a seamless and sophisticated style. He is founder and curator of Soul in the Park, a 4-year residency which created a community around emerging live musicians and DJ’s from Los Angeles. He is also co-founder, curator and resident DJ of Radio Afrique, an event series which celebrates the richness of music and film from Africa and the diaspora.

TIZITA RADIO is sublime music inspired by the joy of remembering, and the feeling of longing for something that will never return.

      Rani de Leon - Tizita Radio (02.12.18)


Getatchew Kassa – Tezeta (slow)
Susumu Yokota – Azukiiro No Kaori
Orchestre de la Paillote – Kadia Blue
El Rego- Bambino-Blue
Rossisendi and his group – Ururabo
Jimmy Bongo – Lumumba is Dead
Omari Machio – Usiende Ukulale
Uchronia – (digital sampler, rhythm variation)
Reino do Sol – casamento
Ilha de Marajó – Mestre Damasceno
Ilha de Marajó – Bira Mundinho
Camarão – Sereia do Mar
Susumu Yokota – Uchu Tanjyo
Les Mogul – Ilgaz
Les Mogul – Sunset in Golden Horn
Les Mogul – Cheminées De Fées
Marco Pershicetti – Prima Dell Alba
Muhammed Awel – Ambewbebashe
Tarawangsawelas – Kecemasan
Collection Petites Planétas – 6am
Stroer Duo – Vietnam
Roberto Musci – Delang’s Dream
Yves Tumor – Limerance
John Cameron – Liquid Sunshine
Supreme Jubilees – It’ll All be Over
Jahari – Walk With Me
Fleetwood Mac – Albatross
Beverly Glenn-Copeland – Sunset Village
Lula Cortes – Nordeste Oriental
Quinteto Violado – Marcha Nativa Dos Indios Quiriris
Carlton and the Shoes – Never Give Your Heart Away