Quietudes – (11.09.17)

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Jocund is an outlet for George Jensen. George Jensen is an artist based in Los Angeles, CA. His field recording work is captured and performed in quadraphonic, most recently at Dallas Ambient Music Night (DAMN) in October 2015, where he debuted Field Recordings at Partington Cove. As part of the new age duo Sneaky Snake, Jensen participated in Knowledges at Mount Wilson Observatory, performing a 3-hour quadraphonic piece during a public viewing of Saturn through the 60-ft telescope. During Dublab’s Tonalism in August 2014, Jensen and his musical collaborator Tim Phillips performed a sunrise quad set as Phillips & Jensen, and Phillips & Jensen’s cassette Patra was recently released through Austin’s Holodeck Records. Jensen has experimented with his own Line 6 sound system at private events in Highland Park, and performed Field Recordings At Partington Cove with Wind Chime at Tonalism 2015.



1. Metro Riders: Stockholm 2024 (2017)
2. Harry Case: In a Mood (1989)
3. Cybe: Zen-Zai (1986/87)
4. Robert Schroeder: The Message (edit) (1987)
5. Ditto: Urban (1987)
6. Vangelis Katsoulis: Enigma (1988)
7. Enrique Mateu de Villavicencio: Mina (1987)
8. The Future Sound Of London Serengeti (2008)
9. Gianni Gebbia: Le Cose Attorno (1987)
10. Darren Kearns: Seascapes (1983)
11. Matthew Hayes: Express Point (2017)
12. Chac Mool: Ofrenda (1982)
13. Scott Fraser: Ether Oar (1988)
14. Yves Tumor: Perdition (2016)
15. Iury Lech: Barreras (1990)
16. Pep Llopis: La Nave de Los Argonautas (1987)
17. HNNY: Till Dig (2017)
18. Rapoon: The Same River Once (1994)
19. Tyrone Douglas: Portrait (2016)
20. Ssaliva: Safe (2016)