Philipp Hoening – The End Of Dying (09.15.18)

The End Of Dying (2018)/
Schwarze Pädagogik 11

The End of Dying is an audio play by visual artist and musician Philipp Hoening from Cologne, Germany. It is part of a series about the fever dream as a way to perceive the individual inside space and architecture.

In E.o.D. the story begins in the middle of a narrative. The dreamer is trapped into a negative landscape without any knowledge of the past and his present state. He/she is accompanied by a little boy who seems to inhabit this place. While the narrator tries to make sense out of the events happening in the unusual environment, false memories break into their perception of the world, the characters melt into one another and a slow 7-day-descent into an unsettling nirvana begins.

The voices are Pia Bergerbusch (the Boy) and Rene Haustein (the Dreamer). The Music to the Audioplay has been produced by Philipp Hoening. The Band Bomberjacke (René Haustein, Jonathan Lemke) contributed several tracks.

The Soundtrack is available here:

The audio play is accompanied by Philipp Hoenings infamous „Schwarze Pädagogik“ (Black Pedagogy)-mixtape which will occupy the second half of the 2-hour-show (track listing will follow).

The End of Dying is supported by the IfB-Collective in Cologne consisting of Wolfgang Brauneis, Tim Berresheim, Hans Jürgen Hafner, Thorsten Schneider and Philipp Höning.

      Philipp Hoening - The End Of Dying Pt.1 (09.15.18)


      Philipp Hoening - The End Of Dying Pt.2 Black Pedagogy mixtape (09.15.18)