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Heidi Lawden – Magic Roundabout (09.21.16)

Heidi’s Magic Roundabout reflects every aspect of her musical personality as she invites listeners into her world every… Read More + Listen »

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Aaron Paar w/guest Seven Davis Jr. – Stomping Grounds (09.26.16)

Aaron Paar takes you on a journey through the depths of the Underground Music experience with Music spanning… Read More + Listen »


Owen Cole – Event Horizon (09.26.16)

Event Horizon is a monthly program with no single direction, but instead an abundance of possible outcomes. MIX:… Read More + Listen »


GB – Gifted & Blessed Radio (09.26.16)

Gifted & Blessed Radio is a monthly program hosted and curated by Gabriel Reyes-Whittaker, better known as GB.… Read More + Listen »

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Jake Jenkins w/guest COMBAT! – Friendly Futures Radio (09.26.16)

Monday evenings, Friendly Futures Radio floats and fills the dublab skies with Los Angeles musical enthusiasm with particular… Read More + Listen »


Peak Oil – Tipping Point (09.23.16)

peak oil records presents ‘tipping point’; a monthly journey through the record collections of brian and brion. leaving… Read More + Listen »


Alex Pelly w/guest Force Placement – Pellyvision (09.24.16)

PELLYVISION is a monthly collision of sound and vision. Alex Pelly creates live visuals accompanied by audio from… Read More + Listen »

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Callie – Cuts 01 (09.24.16)

CUTS 01 / a melting pot of dark wave electronic, footwork, bounce, hip hop, jazz and textured instrumentals… Read More + Listen »


Zøraya and Aura T-09 – The Phuture Perfect (09.24.16)

The Phuture Perfect is a monthly, electronic music transmission focused on the LA underground and rooted in Detroit… Read More + Listen »


FROM THE VAULTS: Blackalicious & Lateef – Live at Fais Do Do (02.22.00)

Real West Coast hip-hop for the heads. The NorCal supergroup featuring Gift of Gab on vocals and Chief… Read More + Listen »


Frosty w/guest J D Emmanuel – Celsius Drop (09.22.16)

On this episode of Celsius Drop, Frosty made a time-space connection with dublab’s dear friend J D Emmanuel… Read More + Listen »


George Jensen – Jocund (09.22.16)

Jocund is an outlet for George Jensen. George Jensen is an artist based in Los Angeles, CA. His… Read More + Listen »

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