Ogiyy, Pigeondust, DJ Kensei, Sagaraxx w/ Guest Yoji Saito – dublab.jp “Radio Test-Run” live from Malmö Tokyo (04.03.13)


Every Wednesday the dublab.jp team streams live from Malmö Cafe & Bar in Tokyo for the “Radio Test-Run.” If you’re in Tokyo join them in person for the fun, or you can tune-in from anywhere in the world by visiting dublab.jp. The broadcast event starts each Wednesday at 8pm Tokyo time / 3am Los Angeles time.

In this first broadcast in April, we invited two beatmakers – Ogiyy and Pigeondust onto the show. In the second half, Coffee&Cigarettes Band finally make it onto the show. The program ”electric roots” which was on air on SHIBUYA-FM is broadcasted. And for the 1st time, Mr. YOJI of UP DOWN RECORDS is introduced into our program!



dublab.jp Radio Test-Run #9 From Tokyo @cafe_malmo (04.03.13)

Ogiyy and Pigeondust:

1. EeMu / nama
2. Quintet Raws / Feel like makin’ love(live)
3. Marlena Shaw / Feel Like Makin’ Love (Blue Note)
4. D’Angelo / Feel Like Makin’ Love (Virgin)
5. Osurek Bertop / Selfish
6. Bugseed / Raws ft. Ill sugi
7. Yoshinuma / Into Outraw
8. Notuv / Coarse
9. Kabeyam / Feel like makin’ Beats
10. Quartet RAWS / My Favorite Things(live)
11. Ogiyy / Raws2
12. Arμ-2 / 404 raw bits
13. Keor Meteor / Raws MFT 89.3
14. Pigeondust / Swim in the Sky
15. Mizube / Beat
16. Raws-Quintet / Raws-Three
17. Ill.sugi / Raws
18. Bugseed / raws3
19. Pigeondust / Oldschool Life-tips
20. Yagi / Isn’t she lovely
21. Yoshinuma & NF Zessho(from Enpizlab) / In the Eyes
22. Ogiyy / Isn’t She Lovely
23. Percee / The girl journey of love feat. GRACE (Pigeondust Straight
Dub Mix) (forte)
24. Ogiyy / Crossing feat.Karin Koizumi


DJ Kensei & Sagaraxx:
Guest Yoji Saito (UP DOWN RECORDS):

1. G.L.O.B.E & Whiz Kid / Play That Beat Mr. DJ (Tommy Boy Music)
2. The Lions / This Generation (Stones Throw Records)
3. Derrick Morgan / Fat Man (Randy’s)
4. The Upsetters / Reggay Train (Upsetter Pre)
5. H2O / Medusa (Aquarius)
6. Jamaica Playboys / Makossa Reggae (Town Hall)
7. Hopeton Lewis / Working It Down To The Bone (Dynamic)
8. Ginji Ito / Konukaame (Warner Music Japan)

Quantic / The sound of everything
Joe Thomas / Two doors down
The Crusaders / Mr.cool
Al Jarroeau / Moonlighting(theme)
Masayoshi Takanaka / Nagisamoderato
George Benson / Before you go