Nanny Cantaloupe – Perplexagon: Regal Amalgamations Inc. (04.26.18)

Bring your own DNA, trade the underworld fading for a dependable development and/or investment. The finest in calculated allotments of composited microstructures this side of the Orient. Guaranteed more sonic minutiae per sentimental moment than the average hypothalamus is capable of processing. Pick any subdivision of memory bank and rest assured that surface level discrepancies shall be rendered new, safe, effective and exciting.

      Nanny Cantaloupe - Perplexagon: Regal Amalgamations Inc. (04.26.18)


In almost chronological order:

Picky Picnic
Loop Orchestra
Maurizio Bianchi
Roland Kayn
Picky Picnic
Delia Derbyshire & Barry Bermange
100 Sonovox Jingles
Palais Schaumburg
Jeb Loy & the Oil Wells
The Missing Brazilians
Karlheinz Stockhausen
Rainer Riehn
Gottfried Michael Koenig
Par Lindgren
Roland Kayn
The Harlemans
Noah Creshevsky
Bathroom Renovations
Craig Kupka
F.C. Judd
Columbia School of Broadcasting
Stephan Von Huene
David Jacobs
Bruce Gilbert
Roland Kayn
Hans Elder