Nanny Cantaloupe – Perplexagon: Robots & Poodles & Devils & Dollies (2.22.18)

Boys and girls, it’s your time to shine! A rollicking cavalcade of inspiring entertainment & education is about to infect your soul! It’s funky! it’s spunky! it’s just for YOU!

      Nanny Cantaloupe - Perplexagon: Robots & Poodles & Devils & Dollies (2.22.18)


The Glasers- George Washington
Valentino Inc. – Bear Walk
Android Sisters – Robots Are Coming
Bruce Haack & Miss Nelson – More Machines
Scotty MacGregor – The Little Man
Florida Traffic Safety Council – Kids in the Car
The Glasers w/ Gail Contini – The Policeman
Florida Traffic Safety Council – Don’t Play in the Street
Barry McGuire – In the Beginning
The Glasers w/ Julie – The Haunted House
Pebbles & Bam Bam – Snow Flake
Bruce Haack – Rain of Earth
Ralph M. Lewis – The Seeds of Truth Must be Planted Early
Kevin Braheny – Lullaby for the Hearts of Space
The Moon-A-Tiks – Earthlings We Love You
Jim Copp & Ed Brown – The Dollies Fly to the Moon
Roger Flax – We’ll Float in Space in Together
David from Sesame Street – Space Cadet
The Letter People – Mr. X
George Coleman – Innocent Little Doggy
Tangela Tricoli – Stinky Poodle
Learning Dimensions Inc. – Toot
Gail Contini – The Parts of Me
Teddy Fire – Bessie
Trendy – Facts About Crack
Patch the Pirate – Phone Call
Rev. Rhyme – The Devil, The Big Lie
Punch & Judy – Punch Battles the Devil
Black Widow – Come to the Sabbat
Elaine Mikalson, M.A. – Baby’s Sing and Say Record
Forrest McCullough – Flight F-I-N-A-L
Deanna Edwards – Teach Me to Die
The Harlemans – Prairie Death Child
The Sandpipers – White Bunny & His Magic Nose
Jr. and His Soulettes – Sweet Little One
Hap Palmer – Homemade Band
It’s Potty Time – Super Dooper Pooper
Tammy Faye Bakker – 1,2,3, the Devil’s After Me
LSD: Case Study
Bill Cosby – The Dope Pusher/Hard Drugs
Ruth Roberts – We’re Gonna Have a Party, Smartie/Just Say No