Montag “There is a Voice”

Here is an exclusive premiere of the new Montag video “There is a Voice”, plus check out the mix they did of Phases 1-6 HERE. Keep an eye for the Phases 7 single that will be coming out later this month.

“It’s interesting looking back at Phases. I’m only half way through the project and tracks like New Design, the first single of the series, seems like it was released so long ago already. Phases allows me to write songs with a different perspective than if they were meant to be on an album… No need to refine the mix too much – which usually takes a lot of time! – or to figure out the perfect tracklisting to get a nice flow from one track to the other, etc. I didn’t have to worry about that with Phases. And it’s been great so far. With Phases, I can write music a lot more spontaneously, and I can also take much bigger risks. It’s funny to think that I wrote 12 tracks in 6 months, which could theoretically be enough to fit on an album. But I don’t see Phases as an album project. It’s its own thing… a little “alien” of music making. ” – MONTAG

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