MJ Lallo – In Conversation with Frosty (03.15.18)

Frosty welcomed MJ Lallo onto Celsius Drop for some conversation and cosmic cruising. Lallo is a composer, singer, and voice over artist set on expansion. Between commercial work for clients such as NASA, Hitachi, Levi’s, and Dunkin’ Donuts she found herself recording vocal music experiments. The resulting works are flowing new age intonations and hallucinatory tropical groovers.

Lallo’s self-released 1988 cassette The Channeled Voice was recently reissued by Full Spectrum Records, two radiant space boogie numbers from her second album Voices from the Night Sky and an ambient song from her debut were recently pressed on the Star Child Going Home 12 inch by Sceance Centre and they have a 2xLP collection of her music on the way.

Lallo connected with Frosty in the dublab studio to talk about finding her potent voice and the recordings that resulted from this discovery. We’re even momentarily visited by her Hi-NRG doppelgänger Joy St. James (for more of her, see the video for “Dance” below). We hope you enjoy this conversation with an animated creative spirit. For more on MJ Lallo visit: creatingvoices.com

      MJ Lallo - In Conversation with Frosty (03.15.18)