Michael Robinson – Live Set (03.30.17)


Michael Robinson’s compositions and performances present a musical language, form and image inspired by American, South Asian and European traditions. He programs a meruvina (his name for the combination of software and hardware used) to play his fully notated scores in real time, voicing each work with tone colors of acoustic instruments from myriad world cultures using various tunings.

“My music is intended for close, even meditational listening on both intellectual and spiritual planes, including elements of adbhuta rasa (wonderment, exhilaration) and shanta rasa (tranquility). Daedal aural constellations spring from a passion for meticulously fired musical elements born from my evolving thought processes and temperament. There is an expressive feel related yet varied from traditional performance that may deter some, but hopefully you will give my medium an opportunity beyond entirely familiar expectations and allow the import of the music to manifest.” – Michael Robinson

      Michael Robinson – Live Set (03.30.17)


1. Lilac Dawn

2. Yellow Chandelier

3. Morning-Star

( all from http://azuremilesrecords.com/lilacdawn.html )

4. Hummingbird Canyon

( from http://azuremilesrecords.com/hummingbird_canyon.html )

5. Honu Morning

( from http://azuremilesrecords.com/celestialcrocodilehonumorning.html )