McAllister and Kyle Art Threat – Please and Thank you (04.03.17)


This show is a first date of a mixtape brought to you by two kindred spirits, a selection of new and old sounds brought together for your listening enjoyment. We hope you appreciate our awkward attempts to impress each other, two music nerds competing to curate a monthly blend of sounds for all the world to hear. From folk songs to post punk and everything in between, love is in the airwaves.

      McAllister and Kyle Art Threat – Please and Thank you (04.03.17)


Lee Hazelwood- I Guess Its Love
Styrofoam- Snow Crush Killing Song
Arab Strap- The Smell of Outdoor Cooking
Challenger’s – Its For You
The Blue Jays- What Do You Want From Me Woman
The Electric Prunes- Hideaway
Dino Desi and Billy- Baby Scratch My Back
The Cramps- I Wanna Get In Your Pants
Duane Eddy- The Secret Seven
Juca Chavez- Take Me Back to Piaiui
Dan Sartain- Bohemian Grove
The Tikis- Aint No Mountain
Small Faces- I Feel Much Better
Anna Karina- Roller Girl
Randy Newman- Last Night I had a Dream
Charles Kynard-Zambezi

A Certain Ratio- Shack Up
The Causey Way- Instutional Man
The Shirley Rolls- Werewolf
The Like- Wishing He was Dead
The Lyres- Dont Give It Up Now
Times New Viking- Move to California
Les Savy Fav- In These Woods
Possum Dixon- Nerves
Los Cincos- Kissing at the Carnival
Wendy Rene- BBQ
The Mighty Hannibal- The Right to Love You
Chairman of the Board- Morning Glory
Broadcast- Drums on Fire
This Heat- A New Kind of Water
Vue – Girl
The Gun Club- Sex Beat