Matthew McDermott w/guest Tim Sweeney – En Plein Air (06.08.18)

Matt McDermott works his way through a diaspora of musical discoveries, sometimes plaintive, often odd and usually shuffling their way to the outskirts of the dancefloor. He’ll often have friends dropping in to tell him what they’ve seen and more importantly, heard.

Shep Pettibone, Tony Humphries and Tim Sweeney. The latter has earned his place amongst legendary New York City radio DJs by putting an extraordinary amount of care and dedication into his WNYC show, Beats In Space, and by showing up week after week (no repeats!) for nearly 20 years. In doing so, he’s captured an epoch through hundreds of illustrious guests. Sweeney has also remained a friendly, approachable host while becoming a venerated selector and globetrotting DJ in his own right.

With all that said, it’s an honor to welcome Tim back to the station during Dublab’s Membership Drive Fundraiser. As Sweeney’s name has become synonymous with underground, quality radio, his support of Dublab, another freak radio institution that got its start in 1999, is greatly appreciated.

Tune in for an exclusive live mix from Tim prior to his appearance at Soft Power Friday night.

      Matthew McDermott – En Plein Air (06.08.18)


Tim Sweeney

Chikiss – Втроём (Three of Us)
Eleventeen Eston ‎- 2 d’Or (Cab Chassis)
Supermaxx – Jungle Music
Ettika – Ettika
Barbaratuques – Baianá
Los Abuelos De La Nada – Mil Horas
William Pitt ‎– City Lights
5IVE- Bean Throwing
Julio Pablo – Fantasmas del Paraíso II
The Doors – An American Prayer (Axel Boman Edit)
Ric Piccolo – 1, 2, 3
Latonya – Dance Time

Damon Palermo

antenna – naughty naughty
dennis andrew – enchantment
tatsu yamashita – rainy walk
tulio de piscopop – silva mala
magic power – lady midnight

Matthew McDermott

Singing Sweet – When I See You Smile
Shoc Corridor – Almost In Walking Distance
Depeche Mode – Shout
Anna Domino – Dreamback (Demo)
Manos Tsangaris – Drüm 2
Don Carlos – Aqua (Part One)
Studio – Life’s A Beach!
Woo – Awaawaa
エマーソン北村 & 浦朋恵 – 消えた赤バス
Teruo Nakamura ‎– Morning Mist