Mark Van Hoen – Channel of Light (07.18.17)

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From his start in the first wave of ‘IDM’ electronic in the early 90’s on seminal label R&S, Mark Van Hoen has released a diverse catalog of music. Ranging from his own unique brand of moody electronics as Locust, through the more indie electro pop of Scala to the Spacerock of Black Hearted Brother, Mark has time and again wielded his sonic arsenal to great effect. Over the years, he has also cropped up in various places as a DJ & radio host…so it seems his show on Dublab is a date with destiny! His show Channel of Light will guide you on a marvelous sonic journey.

      Mark Van Hoen - Channel of Light (07.18.17)


The Human League – WXJL Tonight – Travelogue
Cabaret Voltaire – Silent Command – The Living Legends
NHK Koyxen – 1089S – Doom Steppy Reverb
WaqWaq Kingdom – Blow It Up – Shinsekai
Can – Gomorrha – Linited Edition
Arca – Urchin – Arca
Fennesz – Rivers Of Sand – Venice
Justin Walter – 1001 – Unseen Forces
Oneotrix Point never – Replica – Replica
Konrad Sprenger – Rondo – Stack Music
Kraftwerk – Radioland – Radio Activity
Teleplasmiste – Astodaan – Frquency Is The New Ecstacy
UnicaZurn – Pale Salt Seam – Transpandorem
Mark Van Hoen — Moonlight Sonata – Unreleased
Dela Derbyshire – Air – Music From The Radiophonic Workshop
Walter Carlos – Title Music from A Clockwork Orange – A Clockwork Orange OST
Actress – Faure In Chrome – AZD
Laraaji – Meditation #1 – Day Of Radiance
Terry Riley – A Rainbow In Curved Air – A Rainbow In Curved Air