Mark Maxwell – Sankofa Sound System (10.28.17)

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SSS is a monthly psychedelic tone poem. It’s equal parts structure and improvisation, meditation and provocation, sacred and profane. It’s made up mostly (though not exclusively) of short compositions or excerpts of compositions. These come from several musical genres and sub genres including spiritual and free jazz, contemporary classical, electronic and electronica, ambient and folkloric music of the world. The source material is sometimes analogue, sometimes digital and often remixed or reedited and augmented by spoken word, sound effects and sometimes even live percussion. It would not exist without hip hop . . .

      Mark Maxwell – Sankofa Sound System (10.28.17)



Daymé Arocena “Eleggua” Eleggua Remixes (Brownswood; 2017)

Electroom Acoostap “Holy” Black Host (Cascade; 2014)

Devonwho “Iberia” Betaloops (Leaving; 2017)

Max Baer & Griffin O’Neill “Banana Tree” Rebirth (self released; 2017)

Ritmistas Do Canecâo “Baiâo E Teleco-Teco” Brazilian Rhythms (Enir; 1968)

Henry Wu “Intro (Rhythm & Rice)” Good Morning Peckham (Rhythm Section International; 2015)

Saka Acquaye ‎”Drum Festival” Voices Of Africa: High-Life And Other Popular Music (Nonesuch; 1969)

Saburo Tanooka, Kohsetsu, Hiromu Takahashi “沙羅双樹 -The Sal Tree” 秘色の雨 -The Rain of Secret Color (Musilogue; 2017)

Lynn Gold “Quiet Land” Around The World (World Pacific – Swingin’ Like Sixty Series ; 1960)

From The Mouth Of The Sun “A Healer Hidden” Hymn Binding (Lost Tribe; 2017)

Reggie Lucas “Season Of The Monsoon” (excerpt) Survival Themes (Inner City; 1978)

Dark Twaine “Waking Apocalypse” Mind Time (self released; 2017)

Blameful Isles “Dharma” This Heart Of Our Heart (Urban Waves; 2017)

Holophonor “Pioneer Intro” Light Magnet (World Galaxy; 2017)

Ablaye Cissoko / Volker Goetz “Bamaya” Sira (ObliqSound; 2008)

Egberto Gismonti “Celebraçâo De Nupcias – Part 1” Dança Das Cabeças (ECM; 1977)

Soothsayers “Goodnight Rico Manasseh (Dub Mix)” 7″ (Red Earth; 2016)

King Tubby “The Spliff Dub” African Love Dub (Clocktower; 2004)

Born In Dub “Resistencia de los pueblos” Born In Dub (Kunta Roots; 2014)

Ras G “Track 3” (excerpt) My Kinda Blue (Fat Beats; 2017)

Lonnie Liston Smith & The Cosmic Echoes “Journey Into Space” Reflections Of A Golden Dream (Flying Dutchman; 1976)

Sun Ra & His Solar Arkestra “Solar Symbols” Secrets Of The Sun (El Saturn; 1965)

Sudan Archives “Water” download (Stones Throw; 2017)

Shabazz Palaces “Federalist Papers” Quazarz: Born on a Gangster Star (Sub Pop; 2017)


DJ Harrison “JazzHaze” HazyMoods (Stones Throw; 2017)

Karriem Riggins “Bahia Dreamin’” Headnod Suite (Stones Throw; 2017)

Rahsaan Roland Kirk “Breath-A-Thon” Natural Black Inventions: Root Strata (Atlantic; 1971)

Art Ensemble Of Chicago “Proverbs (III)” Les Stances A Sophie (Nessa; 1970)

Victoria Jordanova “Swarm” In A Landscape (Arpa Viva; 2007)

Build An Ark “Shine Your Light” Sunshine E.P. (Kindred Spirits; 2008)

Osiris “Garden” Fresh Produce EP (self released; 2017)

Lawrence D. “Butch” Morris “58E1” (excerpt) Holy Sea – Conductions 57, 58, 59 (Splasc(h); 1999)

Lawrence D. “Butch” Morris “58E2” (excerpt) Holy Sea – Conductions 57, 58, 59 (Splasc(h); 1999)

Adam Rudolph “Twelfth Image” The Dreamer (Meta; 1995)

Julien Marchal “Insight XXXII” Insight III (self released; 2017)

Cody ChesnuTT “Come Back Like Spring” ? (self released; 2010)

Gato Barbieri “To Be Continued” Chapter One: Latin America (Impulse; 1973)

Patrick Butler “Atmospheric Ion Exchanges” Symmetrical Oscillations (M.M.O.S. Music; 2016)

Charles Lloyd “Stones Medley: Mother’s Little Helper” (excerpt) Geeta (A & M; 1973)

Open Sky “mfwala myo lala” Spirit In The Sky (PM; 1975)

Carlos Niño & Friends “Light-Codes (Quartet with Dexter Story, Josh Johnson and SK Kakraba)” Going Home (Leaving; 2017)

Adrian Corker “Unfold” Raise (Village Green; 2013)

Spacedtime “oldd” Cosmos (self released; 2014)

Visible Cloaks “Wheel” Lex (RVNG Intl; 2017)

NJO (aka ILLA N) “h i g h e r ( 7 – – 4 4 4 )” Illa No5 (self released; 2017)

Marvin Wünders “Galaxian” Ciel (self released; 2017)

Paper Tiger “Herewego” Sonic Boom Head Zoom 4 (Wah Wah 45’s; 2017)

George Russell “Part 1” (excerpt) Electric Sonata For Souls Loved By Nature (Strata-East; 1976)