Maria Minerva w/guest Ben Babbitt – Estonian Air (06.18.18)

Monthly excuse to play my favorite music and interview my favorite people.

Ben Babbitt is a composer and producer based in Los Angeles. Since 2013, he has provided the music and sound design for the episodic videogame “Kentucky Route Zero”, and recently completed the score to Amanda Kramer’s debut feature film “Paris Window”. In addition to scoring, he has performed and toured internationally as a collaborator with projects including Weyes Blood and How to Dress Well. He is currently producing a new solo record.

      Maria Minerva w/guest Ben Babbitt – Estonian Air (06.18.18)


Ben Babbitt’s guest mix

1. This is not what’s here intro – Ben Babbitt

2. Throwing – Ben Babbitt

3. Holographic Intro – Daniel Wohl

4. Four Gents (Quartett) – Nikita Zabelin

5. Don’t take them_rough – Ben Babbitt

6. Liquis – Jeals

7. Oscollo (drums only version) – Elysia Crampton

8. the Four Sections- Strings – Steve Reich (shifted excerpt)

9. Om Mani Padme Hum – Constance Demby

10. stretched bells collage – Ben Babbitt

11. the Landlord – Ben Babbitt

12. Short Circuit – Beta Librae

13. Oomingmak (instrumental) – Cocteau Twins

14. INKLING – Eartheater